layout styles

Would you like to stand out, but can't imagine what your exhibit will look like?

Who would you entrust with such a task, if not a company that has more than 50 years of experience with trade fairs and is familiar with all the various environments throughout Europe and beyond?

layout styles


Are you planning to exhibit your business at a trade fair, but don't know how to present yourself? Then you have come to the right place. There is no exhibition space too small, too simple, or too large that would create issues in the subsequent design and construction process.

Stil inženiring offers a range of services related to trade fair engineering (design and construction). We have a team of experts in all the respective fields necessary for the creation of a successful exhibition. Our services include:

  • A projection of the stand layout
  • A photorealistic representation of the stand layout
  • Preparation of the relevant project documents and offer
  • Communication and arrangements with the trade fair management
  • Custom furniture manufacturing
  • Custom graphics design
  • Transportation of the stand’s elements to the trade fair
  • System and carpentry constructions
  • Installation and the setting up of electrical installations
  • The setting up of graphics
  • The dismantling of the stand layout
  • Transportation of the stand’s elements to and from the trade fair